Still frame from Money 20/20 Europe 3D alchemy graphics displaying rotating catalyst machine glowing blue embers.


Case Study

Money 20/20 is a large-scale fin-tech networking event with shows in Europe, Asia and the USA. We have worked on these shows for the last few years, collaborating with the in-house design team and helping to bring the bespoke show themes to life for all of the A/V elements required for the show. From 25 metre keynote screens to way finding D6’s and maps.


The theme for the European show in Amsterdam was Alchemy and we had a lot of fun creating a fantastical animating 3D machine. We relished at the challenge of animating across the 80 metre screens on the keynote stage, creating a fantastic intro to the show as well as looping holding screens that seamlessly transitioned together.


We also created content for the 360º lab screens, a super immersive environment and experience.

Arena shot of Money 2020 Europe 2019 screen set up

The 'Alchemy' theme was carried throughout the show as background graphics as the interviews took place.

Money 20/20 Europe 2019 stage set up featuring alchemy graphics in the background


Taking a more digital approach to the FinTech content, the Asia theme was grounded in 8-bit styling. The opening sting followed a player journeying through level after level of FinTech references visualised in the lo-fi style, bold and energetic animation coupled with a Chemical Brothers soundtrack created a show-stopping opening to the show.

Stills of Money 2020 Asia multi-screen displays
Still from Money 2020 Asia 2019 opener screen

The mult-screen format of the venue provided the perfect opportunity to create a stage design in the style of a VR experience.


Avatars were created to represent the different topics of innovation that were discussed at the conference, the robots took on the metaphor and we animated them into the intro sequence and other collateral.

Stills of Money 2020 Asia multi-screen displays


The theme and creative direction for their show in Las Vegas was around the ‘money revolution’ and took inspiration from screen printed propaganda posters, using big bold typography, simple letterpress illustrations and a variety of textures.

Money 20/20 USA screen graphics in stage mock up example
Photography shot from a speaker at Money 2020 USA featuring stage screens displaying event graphics.

The final animation had energy and impact and inspired the delegates to join the money revolution. We also created the on-screen graphics that served as the backdrop for the entire conference.

Money 2020 USA stage set up with speaker Richard Branson featuring screen graphics in the background