Still from Insure Daily advert featuring the Prof and the Learner Driver character in the car.

Insure Daily

Safely Insured

InsureDaily is the simple solution for short-term car insurance cover. We worked closely with company MD Paul Daly to help develop the brand and refine their mascot ‘The Professor’ ready to star in two shiny new television commercials.

We gave the professor a new role as a rocket scientist, as well as a new tag-line. Rebuilding him in 3D and refining his texture and lighting, to help him fit seamlessly with the new brighter, modern brand.

Professor Daily in a variety of poses
Insure Daily character sketches from a front on and profile facing direction

We also developed a host of other characters to feature alongside the professor and Daisy, our learner driver got the part.

Before and after example for the rebranding of the Insure Daily logo

We streamlined the brand visuals and defined a brighter, more energetic style that resonates with the audience. Stemming from a reduced, flatter, master logo; the updated brand echoes Insure Daily’s straightforward process of applying for temporary car insurance whilst retaining an distinct visual style that allows it to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Grid showcasing the brand guidelines for Insure Daily
Image showing brand stationary for Insure Daily