Magic Light Pictures

Case Study

We’ve worked on a wide range of branding and advertising projects for Magic Light Pictures, spanning motion and campaign; including title treatment design, social, trade adverts, showreels, digital, brand toolkits and guidelines.
Grid showing Magic Light Pictures toolkits

Global Toolkits

We have created a global toolkit for each of the films that is sent out to affiliates and broadcasters in all markets to help promote the show in a simple, consistent and concise tone of voice, and look and feel.

Grid of 4 images showing Magic Light Pictures toolkits and distribution catalogue

We created a flexible design language that allows a glimpse into each of the marvellous worlds Magic Light Pictures has created.

Magic Light Pictures magazine trade ad
Grid of 4 images showing social and digital examples of Magic Light Pictures branding
Magic Light Pictures Pip and Posy Sky UI displayed on a TV in a family home
A child colouring in a Pip & Posy activity sheet

Superworm Titles

We took the vector of the logo and helped build it in line with the textures and lighting of the characters in the film, giving it a tactile physical look and feel. We then provided versions for the French and Dutch markets.