ITV Trigger Point hero key art

Trigger Point


We were approached by ITV to create bespoke units for a social media campaign for the hit ITV show Trigger Point. The brief was to stop the user scrolling and engage them with unique content that really stood out and reflected the claustrophobic and intense nature of the show and the bomb disposal teams.

Scrolling creative

We created a scrolling creative that reveals and teases information and content from the show. The camera is constantly scrolling down mimicking the scroll of the feed but also travelling down the side of the block of flats featured in the show.

ITV Trigger Point social campaign scrolling creative frame by frame displayed inside a phone

Tap to stop

How well do you work under pressure? Using the theme of processing information under stress and high pressure decision making, we asked users to try and tap and hold as close as they could to 00:00 while the clock was ticking down. 

ITV Trigger Point tap to stop instagram social post example

Dark mode

We took inspiration from the dark scenes and torchlights in the show to create a standout asset that revealed new footage and key message, while breaking from the content frame and spilling into the UI.

ITV Trigger Point social campaign dark mode frame by frame displayed inside a phone