Clean shot of Challenge TV rebrand Ident with 3D rendered graphics displaying physical gameshows

Challenge TV

Sky Creative

Working closely with the team at Sky Creative we helped to rebrand their free to air gameshow channel, Challenge. The channel features classic old favourites as well as innovative new formats — a homage to gameshows new and old.

'Challenge Accepted'

A core brand proposition was required that would cover the channels three core content pillars and expand the reach of the channel and brand beyond the confines of the small screen.

Working closely with the in-house creative team and other key stake holders, we were able to explore what the main elements of the brand were. ‘Challenge Accepted’ was our collective reply – the war cry of the Challenge audience, a positive call to arms bringing the audience into the game.

Grid of 4 images showing 3 main ident themes and the Challenge TV logo end board
Challenge rebrand logo design including clear space guides

Challenge Logo

Based on a perfectly round buzzer button, the Challenge logo will consist or a logo mark and logotype, which can be used together or individually depending on the placement.

Challenge TV rebrand type setting example from the brand guidelines

FF Mark Pro

The logotype is based on the typeface FF Mark Pro, a chunky typeface that feels bold and fun, with the geometric 'C' being used as a basis for the logo mark

Grid of 4 images showing the OSP for the Challenge TV rebrand

We created break bumpers that posed a question at the start of the break and gave the viewer the answer after, a good solution for holding the viewer over the break as well as sitting nicely with the core concept.

Challenge TV rebrand tube car panel example


We wanted to bring in elements of interactivity with the viewer wherever possible and await their reply, 'Challenge Accepted'.

Challenge TV rebrand small format newspaper example
Challenge TV grid displaying pages from the brand guidelines

We created a detailed style guide for the Challenge brand detailing both on-air and off-air applications.