Still frame from Deep State title sequence showing the American flag upside down

Deep State Titles


Working closely with the team at FOX UK we created the title treatment and designed and animated the award-winning title sequence for their brilliant espionage thriller Deep State.

Deceit, power and conspiracy drive the series so we created an introduction that challenges perceptions and obscures reality, slowly revealing the dark secrets that are hidden deep within. Who’s in control?

A poster created for the Deep State title sequence showing the progression from light to dark
A visual shift from light to dark as the title sequence progresses and reflects the main character’s slow descent into the underworld of the Deep State.
A still from the Deep State title sequence showing a statue crumbling
Working in tandem with the iconic audio track of Talking Heads’ ‘Once in a lifetime’, the visuals for the title sequence aimed to create a sense of unease within the viewer, leading them to challenge what they were seeing.
Deep State title sequence concept moodboard
Image showing the design concept stage for the Deep State series 1 title sequence

Created with a combination of 3D and stock footage, the title sequence is centred around the key theme of 'control', using smoke as an entity that can manipulate what the viewer sees — turning it into a malevolent force.

Behind the scenes shot of filming for Deep State title sequence

Working alongside the team at FOX, we coordinated a shoot with Mark Strong to capture the footage needed for key moments in the title sequence.

We extensively researched and tested different smoke animation and behaviour to ensure that it was able to act in a natural way whilst creating forms and shapes that would trick the eye of the viewer.